The Activist Heart | Six Questions For Every Activist
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Six Questions For Every Activist

Six Questions For Every Activist


In my 50 years of showing up and speaking up, these questions have come back to me time and again:


1) Are my current efforts the most productive use of my time as an activist?

Activists march.  Time marches on. Use it well. Make it count.

2) Do I have the facts I need in order to advance my position on my issue?

Strong feelings are good.
Facts and feelings together are even better.

3) Have I thought through all the possible ways I can create change on this issue?

Activists must adapt. If we seek change, we must be willing to change.

4) Am I making effective use of all the resources, contacts, networks, ideas, and strategies available to me?

There are others who agree with you. Find them!

5) Am I acting in a positive spirit for a just cause or simply reacting out of anger, fear, or even hatred?

Anger is energy! Focus it. Channel it.
Transform it into something real and positive.

6) How can I sustain myself, my friends, and my colleagues in order to continue our work?

The most important thing an activist can do for the long haul is simple.
Get a good night’s sleep. We’re going to need you again tomorrow.

Activism is a hard path to a distant mountain.
Keep walking.

David Marquis

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